UC Berkeley In The Spot Light Again

UC Berkeley In The Spot Light Again

Another violent scene from the California College, as 20 have been arrested, and about 11 were injured.

As Trump supporters met at the Martin Luther King Jr Civic Center Park for a “Patriots Day” rally, they were met by Anti Trump violent protesters ready to disrupt the scene. The police had been called to the scene, but it did not stop the riots from happening.

Through the various fights that occurred throughout the park, there was reports of fireworks being thrown into the crowds, and pepper spray being used. 6 were taken to the hospital with one having stab wounds. Out of the 20 arrests authorities are saying the charges include arrests for assault with a deadly weapon and several other felony assaults.

UC Berkeley has done nothing to change the behavior that has done nothing but show hate, and ban free speech in its schools. To the point that vandals are leaving stickers around the school calling for the lynching, and beheadings of Berkeley College Republicans.

days ago the school had also canceled another conservative speaker David Horowitz, after the university had imposed an escalating series of restrictions and costs upon event organizers. Keep in mind that this is a school that claims that they are all for free speech. Give me a break!

Watch video below of the violence:

Video brought to you by: Ruptly TV

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