Trump: Giving power back to the States

Trump: Giving power back to the States

In a speech today by President Trump given at the National Governors Association Meeting, he promised to redirect power from the federal government back to the states, and cited the importance of citizens holding their governors accountable.

“We’re going to give you back a lot of the powers that have been taken away from states and great people and great governors, and you can control it better than the federal government because you’re right on top of it,”

The federal government has become more powerful through the years, and the states have suffered with strict regulations. With this action the states will be able to compete, and put plans in action to better their states. The benefits to education, health care, taxes, and many other social, and economic laws. This is what our founding fathers wanted when they set the U.S. Constitution. They set to limit the federal government to issues to difficult for states to handle such as military, currency, and negotiating with foreign countries.

Watch video below as Gov. Scott talks to Fox News about the decision to give power back to the States.


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