The Disrespect of a Nation

The Disrespect of a Nation

The Disrespect of a Nation

I am a Veteran of this United States, and served over seas with great pride in what I was fighting for. I fought for those who don’t want to fight, or who couldn’t fight. With the patch of our American flag on my shoulder as we served to uphold our values as Americans. Now I tell you this so that you can see how passionate I am about what I am going to say. I read a story today about a 17 year old girl at a Texas high school that decided to sit during he pledge of allegiance, and because she had gotten suspended decided to place a law suite. She claims that she believes that the American flag doesn’t stand for Liberty, and Justice for all. Now let’s go back to 2016 when benched quarterback Colin Kaepernick from the San Fransisco 49ers decided to sit during the pledge of allegiance before a pre season game, and told reporters after the game that “he was not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people.”

This led to other players kneeling with him, and on other teams. The idea that he implied that black people are oppressed in the United States is beyond ignorant. Even more so the idea that any race here in the United States is oppressed is utter nonsense. The media ate up the story and ran with it praising his courage, and instead of shunning him for this major disrespect they glorified him, and made him a hero. At the time of all this I kept thinking on how if this keeps going on like this, and the NFL doesn’t put a stop to this, what kind of effect will this have on the millions of young football fans across the US. Well ladies, and gentlemen the answer to that has finally been revealed with 17yr old India Landry.

She isn’t the only young African American doing this, as there have been others posting on social media doing the same thing, and believing in the same ignorant idea that they are oppressed. The insanity doesn’t end there either, not only are there African Americans joining in on this, but people of White, Asian, Hispanic, etc. doing the same saying that they are unifying the country. The sad thing is that they aren’t unifying a country, they are tearing down America. Everything we stand for, and fought for is being torn down. History is being criticized with great presidents being questioned for their owning of slaves, or with the bringing down of historic confederate statues.

This is the biggest disrespect for a nation, and for those that died protecting it. What else is next if everything that this country went through to be what it is was erased? I for one refuse to stand down, and allow ignorance to tear down this great country, but who really cares enough to do anything about it?

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