So it begins!

So it begins!

So it begins!

November 4th, November 4th, No Trump, No Pence NO, NO, NO! This is the noise that ANTIFA is making, like spoiled brats that don’t get their way. The supposed Anti Fascist group is calling for people to gather in the streets across country to protest what they call an illegitimate regime, and not stop until a single demand is met. They continue their claim that the Trump administration is racist white supremacists, and vow to remove them from power. They have been trying to raise money so that they can start their war on the regime. Meanwhile pissing off the country, and adding to the division. At most every violent protest that has happened since Trump became president involved this communist loving organization. When the news surfaced that violent domestic terrorist Bill Ayers partnered with ANTIFA through his group “Refuse Fascism“, we started to worry on just how serious this November 4th threat could be.

Now for the people who don’t know about Bill Ayers, he was the co-founder of the infamous Weather Underground. The Weather Underground was an American militant left-wing organization that sole purpose was to overthrow the U.S. government. They were responsible for the bombings of the United States Capital, Pentagon, and Department of State buildings in the 70’s. The George Soros funded group Refuse Fascism wishes to inhibit, and deny the speech of conservatives around the US like what we have recently seen at the violent protest at The University of California, Berkeley. Coincidentally Ayers was directly linked to these protests at Berkeley, and is associated with violent terrorists. The group targets youth across the country with the intentions to indoctrinate, and brainwash.
The “Nightmare must end” is the slogan they are using for the event they plan to start on November 4th. As you read through their flyer below you can see that this is a serious threat, and we must all be ready for anything that can happen. We must stand together against this evil, spread the word of their plans for November 4th, and not let them silence our voices any longer. So my fellow Conservatives stand your ground!


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  1. Don’t forget about Bill Ayers’ wife. Everybody seems to forget about her. I may not be a believer in God, but I certainly believe in the Devil, and it’s her.

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