President Trump Speech- CPAC

President Trump Speech- CPAC

President Trump arrived to the CPAC podium Friday with cheers from the crowd. “I wouldn’t miss the chance to talk to my friends, these are my friends.” He said as he motioned to the crowd referring to all in attendance, and went on to say that “Now you finally have a president, finally, took you a long time, and its patriots like you that made it happen.” He had the crowd fired up his entire speech drawing chants of “USA” when speaking about the dishonest media. The president made light of the situation with the media by saying that the media would not report correctly on the standing ovation he received when walking to the podium, and called the fake news, the enemy of the people. The rest of his speech went on to talk of his agenda, and everything he promised to do during his campaign, which he stated that “the era of empty talk is over.”

-Talked about immigration to keep taking out the bad people first. Doing what he said he would do from day one “Basically all I have done is keep my promise”

-Talked of healthcare reform
“We are going to make it much better, make it less expensive”

-Spoke of securing the south border, and building the wall.

-He stated that he is working with the Department of justice to begin reducing violent crime, and spoke of the violent crimes going on in Chicago, and how we must support our law enforcement

-Said he had Withdrawn America from the Trans Pacific Partnership

– Talked about reducing tough repetitive regulations that crippled companies

-Tax reform, and reduced taxes for the middle class, and business’s

-Spoke of the increase of jobs in America with companies coming back to America

-He said he is going to ask for an increased budget request for our military, to make it bigger, and better
“It will be one of the greatest military build ups in American history”

-He plans to obliterate ISIS!
“Working with our allies we will eradicate this evil from the face of the earth”

-Spoke briefly of his new executive action to protect the country

All of this is what the American people voted for.

watch the full video below.

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