Let’s Fight to Win!

Let’s Fight to Win!

Feeling overwhelmed as a conservative today seems to be more of a rule than the exception. We’re surrounded and under attack from all sides. We are constantly bombarded on social media, mainstream media, Hollywood, Capitol Hill, and even corporate America. Not a day goes by that we don’t have to endure another smear campaign against the things we stand for. First we have to define what we do stand for so that we can properly orient ourselves for the days, weeks, months, and years to come. We are at war. Make no mistake in accepting this fact that we are locked into a nasty, divisive cultural war where our enemy will use any tactic available to defeat us.

A great man and national hero, a U.S. Air Force Colonel by the name of John Boyd, once developed a process called the “OODA Loop.” (Coram, 2004) It is an intriguing decision making process that is constantly in motion, constantly redefining the choices at hand, and constantly producing results. OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. It is a loop, a circle, and at any step in the process you can move to any other step in the process based on current conditions. The theory is that one Observes their current situation and Orients themselves in the direction of a problem. You Decide on a course of action to deal with that problem and then you Act on that decision. You arrive back at the beginning by Orienting to and Observing the results of your actions. When new information is presented at any point in the process that conflicts with what you’re doing, you start back over at the beginning. Let me give you a historical example of that in action.

Some of us are old enough to remember Desert Storm under H.W. Bush; and some of us just like military history enough to read about it. The U.S. Marine Corps in Desert Storm accomplished some truly amazing victories that all but obliterated the ground forces of Iraq in a matter of days, from Kuwait to Bagdad. During the build-up to Desert Storm, Col. Boyd took part in then-classified development of war strategy where he was able to extol the virtues of the OODA Loop. The other branches of the military had passed on his offer, the Marine Corps did not. The results of Desert Storm speak for themselves – the actions on the ground, not the politics that broke it after. The ground invasion of Desert Storm was the OODA Loop in action.

Why does this matter? Because like I said, we’re under attack from all sides. We’re at war. We need to quit fighting defensively and take the fight to our enemies. Our values are our strength and our weakness at the same time. We believe in fighting the good fight even when there is no “good” fight to be had. This isn’t WWII and we’re not fighting a uniformed, readily identified enemy. Or are we? If we know what to look for, if we Observe and Orient ourselves properly, our enemy becomes more visible.

Conservatism as we know it is one of the greatest philosophies this world has ever known. Nothing has led to the creation of more good for society than the simple ideas of personal accountability, responsibility, free markets, personal property, and the freedom to express, congregate, redress, and defend all of those. That is what we stand for. The idea that someone can improve their quality of life through their own hard work and creation has driven millions of people out of the doldrums of poverty. We prefer that our Government not inject itself into any of that, but we understand that we came together and formed government to unify our efforts and for our common defense against foreign threats. Considering all of that and what we do stand for, why would anyone oppose any of that? Because man is corrupt. Man seeks power, man is jealous, man is lazy, and man is absolutely imperfect. Step 1: Recognize that you are susceptible to all of those faults and humble yourself to that FACT. Now, let’s fight back.

You don’t need social media. I know, I know. Once the heart rates go down and breathing returns to normal, continue reading. Facebook and all the twits and chats and grams out there HATE you with ALL their being. They do. Conservative media out there has shown this so many times, its not even news anymore. They did everything they could to weight the scales in Hillary’s favor because They. Hate. You. and what you believe in. You have a phone. Call or text whomever you want to get in touch with. “But I need to get updates on so and so company/event/blah blah.” They have websites for that, and probably even a phone number. Try it for 2 weeks. It really is liberating.

Professional sports, except maybe hockey, love to take your money and then call you an idiot behind your back. They don’t really even do it behind your back anymore. They disrespect your flag, your anthem, your military and your police, and they praise Communist dictators all in the public eye. Your favorite team that you’ve been loyal to for decades hates your guts. But since you have a wallet and an NFL Sunday Ticket, they’ll pinch their nose while they take that cash. Actually, they’ll let you pay someone else to handle that cash and stick it in the bank so they don’t have to touch that filth coming from your hands. Get it? For the rest of October how about you try turning off the tube and selling those tickets and instead spend some quality time with your family or those friends you only used to see on social media. Once again, it really is liberating.

Your politicians hate just about everything about you. You were a vote to get them into power, and now you’re a pain in their rear with all your phone calls, emails, town halls, etc. They just want you to shut up and be a good little citizen. That’s why all their responses are pre-made, electronically signed, and generally have nothing to do with what you were addressing to begin with. How’s that feel, peon? It must feel good because even though Congress gets a barely double digit approval rating, you keep voting the same ones back into office. If you have a Senator with a 30 year career, you should feel pretty stupid. I do, so much so that I’ll even vote (and have) Democrat just to make an attempt at retiring Senator Richard Shelby – who was once a Democrat for all the historically challenged out there. Politicians should be changed out just as frequently as your smoke alarm batteries. If you vote for a single incumbent in any primary, YOU are PART of the problem. Please fix yourself.

Apple hates your face. Yeah that new phone is cool and all (so I’ve been told), but the only conservative value respected by Apple is the ability to make money and to try and keep as much of it away from the government as possible. Other than that, Apple advocates regulating at the point of a gun, virtually everything you stand for. If the impeachment of Trump only had a dollar value next to it, they’d pony up the whole amount. Tim Cook would rather see you in prison than let you express your desire to limit the flow of Muslim “refugees” into the U.S. from terrorist nations. Why on Earth would you give a single dime to a company that welcomes your subjugation? Do you really value yourself that little?

The Magic Kingdom is the Evil Empire. Disney owns ESPN, and we know how they feel about conservatism because they blast it on t.v. There are a lot of ways to entertain your kids. There are a lot of philosophies on how to raise your kids. I’m not saying any is better than the other. I’m just saying that Disney need not be a part of it, and shouldn’t be really, if you love your kids and want them to grow up understanding the tenets of conservatism. I’ll leave this topic at that.

I’ve been saving this one for last. Not that this is an extensive operation order; this is a starter kit to help you Orient yourself to the anti-conservative world around you and Decide-Act to get the Loop going in your personal fight. Cut the Cord. Every month with a cable/satellite subscription you are feeding the machine that wants to own you, control what you think, control how you feel, and direct the decisions you make. You get a hundred channels of commercials that you don’t want to see, and you pay organizations like CNN, MSNBC, HBO, and even FOX to lie to you. Yeah, FOX. The company that pays Shepard Smith to bad mouth things and people you actually like. Cut the Cord, and cut them off. Keep an internet connection. You can stream things you want, cancel what you don’t want, and most importantly, stay informed.

If you’ve been reading this, there is probably hope for you and our fight. Step 2 is to begin cutting off the finances that fund the war against your soul. Corrupt power cannot function without funding. Corrupt ideology cannot exist without paying henchmen (Antifa as we see them today) because the work is not righteous and cannot be done through virtue. Without a dime to your name you could still rise above the ashes through conservatism. The same is not true for those that oppose you. Without a dime they wither and die unless they evolve. Prepare yourselves. Observe the onslaught and Orient yourselves so that your Decisions and Actions have the greatest affect in fighting this war. Spread the news because too many of your brothers and sisters aren’t paying attention. This is not a war where innocent bystanders are spared.

Coram, Robert. Boyd: the Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War. Back Bay Books/Little, Brown, 2004.

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