Chechnya: Killings of Homosexuals

Chechnya: Killings of Homosexuals


Reports are circulating that in the majority Muslim region of Chechnya, that homosexuals are being rounded up, and being sent to so called concentration camps, and being tortured, and killed. Victims are claiming that over a 100 others were taken in, and beaten with sticks, forced to sit on bottles, and had their hands electrocuted.

A spokesman for Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said it is “absolute lies and disinformation” and went further to say that “You cannot detain and persecute people who simply do not exist in the republic.” He claims that if their were homosexuals that their families would send them somewhere where there is no coming back from.

According to these reports it is said that of the men taken their ages ranged from 16 – 50, and that at least two where television reporters, and religious figures.

Igor Kochetkov of the Russian LGBT-Network, has stated that they have began organising evacuations from the region.

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