Conservative Misfit

To Conserve the American Dream!

There once was a time where everyone saw America as the country for wealth, and opportunity. A time where the American Dream meant something to someone.

Now it seems as if there are people trying to tear down what our fathers built, and that is where we come in…

I Mr. Irrelevant the Conservative Misfit, give my promise to fight by the side of all Americans to conserve what our country was built upon.

With a group of like minded journalists, we set out to set the record straight! Truth at all cost, whether it falls on either side. The truth shall set you free!

8 years later…

The time of the Obama administration has thankfully ended, and now starts our new Commander in Chief, President Donald J. Trump.

After his victory in November 2016, the Left self destructed, and couldn’t understand how a non politician won the White House.

Ever since that time the establishment has done everything they can to stop Trump.

We can not let this happen. If the President is steering this country the right way, then we must help him in the fight.